“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that

the mind of man can ever feel”                 

                                                   - Claude Bernard -

         Born 1943 in China, graduated from Fudan University1965, graduate school of LanZhou University 1968. Was Chinese ALEPH group leader, deputy director of Beijing Spectrometer (BES) the Institute of High Energy Physics(IHEP), China. General member of Chinese Center for Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST). Send an email from Beijing to Prof. Jack Steinberger at CERN, Switzerland Aug. 25, 1986, officially recognized as the first event of Chinese Internet History. (CNNIC)Immigrating to the USA 1990, to be a physicist at Fermilab until 2012 retire. Member of Higgs Boson discovery team of Fermilab CMS group. Author of autobiography “Life On The Cusp”, English edition, and 风口浪尖的岁月,Chinese edition, photography Collection titled, ” The Beauty of Physics”. Nominated to join the international Society of Amateur photographers “Hall of Fame”. Current as consultant editor of World Scientific Publishing Company(WSPC).

The very First Email from China

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      On August 25, 1986, at 4:11:24 in Geneva, Switzerland (11:11:24 in Beijing time),  Weimin Wu, The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  connected to a IBM-PC at the Beijing 710 by a satellite link. , log on remotely to the CX machine of Geneva, a machine VXCRNA  Shuqin Wang sent an email to Steinberger in Geneva
                                                                                                                                                                By CNNIC  in May 26, 2009
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